Monday, December 27, 2010

OKIE Dokie... We're back!

Wow...  Can't believe it has been 6 months since our last post.  Okay, well, I can...  It's been a pretty crazy (but great) few months!  We bought a house in Edmond in September.  The year+ of looking around for "the right house and neighborhood" paid off, as we really love where we ended up!  We finally feel like we are getting settled here, as we have met some great people. 

Carrine (22) graduated from college last May!  Yeah, Carrine!  She is now doing an internship as an Administrator in Training for a long-term healthcare facility.  She is still dating Bo - 3 years in January!  We're very proud of her, of course, for all she has accomplished this year! 

Clara (17) is a Junior in HS now and is still in dance.  She's a great kid!  We miss her and Carrine so much now that we are 3 hours away!!

Drew (6) is in first grade and is enjoying getting to know his classmates at his new school.  He played soccer this year for the first time and enjoys his video games and playing with his sis.   

Kenna (3) is in preschool 2 days a week and will start pre-k next year (hopefully at Drew's school!)   Drew's school is literally across the street from our new neighborhood, so it has been a dream being able to walk over to get him when the weather allows!  (Although, with Kenna in tow, I do prefer to drive - she likes to stop and pick up rocks and look at the leaves which makes a 10 minute walk about 20 minutes!!  Our little nature girl!!)

Bobby continues to enjoy his position with JE Dunn in the Oklahoma office.  We are so proud of him and really appreciate all of his hard work that allows me to stay home with the kids and all of us to enjoy our new digs in OKC!  He still enjoys paddling, but hasn't had a chance to do much of it lately.  He is also trying to get back into running and possibly do another marathon this year.

As for me, I am trying to scale back my business a bit.  Being too busy is a great problem to have when you are a small business owner, but I started to enjoy it a little less this year.  We decided the answer was to scale back to allow me more time to spend with the kids, Bobby and do things around the house.

2010 has been a great year of growth for us.  It's a great feeling to finally be settled in a new house and enjoy the friends we have made here in Edmond.  We're looking forward to an equally exciting and enjoyable 2011!  Missing our Texas friends and hope to get back more often this year, too!

XOXO ~ The Snyders

Carrine's Graduations from North Texas

Drew's new specs - that he has already lost!  :(

Drew - First Day of First Grade

Kenna - First Day of Preschool

Kenna and her bud Lainey

Kenna's 3rd Birthday

B's favorite part of the new house

My favorite part!  My kitchen!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Long, Plano House!

With the sale of our Texas house, we're officially Okies... uhm... Texans living in Oklahoma! I am sure the kids are thoroughly confused now - Kenna keeps asking when we are going back to "Plano House" and explaining to a 2 year old that we don't have that house any more is a bit puzzling to her. We're so glad to be living out of ONE house, at this point, and it appears that construction can begin on the new Snyder Casa in June!

The past few months brought us a birthday with Drew turning 6, Uncle Clay came for a visit (and made his oh so yummy pork sandwiches), Drew lost (and ate!) his very first tooth, and we've had lots of time outside experiencing this weird OK weather. I thought Texas was bad but add in the wind (let's just say one of my friend's trampolines ended up on her neighbor's roof - yes, THAT kind of wind!) and tornadoes (or tortatoes, if you're Kenna) then it makes for interesting living!

Pictures from the past few weeks. And more to come with Carrine graduating from college this weekend! YEAH Carrine! More to come on that...

Visiting the OKC Bombing Memorial with Uncle Clay!

She She's beautifully decorated cookies!

Friday, December 4, 2009


So I have been such a bad blogger. It's been months and so much has been missed. We had Drew's first day of Kindergarten, Kenna's first day of preschool, Clara turned 16, Carrine turned 21, and we moved to Oklahoma City! Whew! Promise to "try" and be better in 2010!!

And, to explain the title... I overheard Bobby the other day talking to Drew about how to towel off after getting out of the shower. "Okay, buddy. Take the towel and rub your back. Make sure you get your legs and arms", etc... It was just one of those mundane moments that made me smile. I try to teach them to be good, polite people. "Use your manners, eat all of your food", blah blah blah. Thank God for dad's who teach them how to towel off, tie their shoes, ride their bikes and actually tell a girl she looks pretty when you think she does (this was another conversation they had the other day).

Drew's First Day of Kindergarten

Kenna getting in on a little story time on Drew's first day...

Kenna's First Day of Preschool

Not sure what to do....?!?


Clara's 16th Halloween Bash!